Alpha One Protection LLC was founded after witnessing one of the most devastating fire seasons in the history of California in which multiple large fires destroyed over 10,000 homes and scorched over 1.2 million acres. The impact of the lost lives, destroyed properties and the displacement of entire communities were heartbreaking.

Like many people who live in the Western United States, the risk of wildfire is a constant concern of ours.  The disasters moved us to research what we could do to protect our home and community which borders a wooded park. We discovered through our research there were actions we could take to significantly reduce the risk of wildfire.

The first step was to become educated and learn what made homes and communities vulnerable to wildfire.  We learned what experts had to say about mitigating the risk of wildfire.  They advised creating a defensible space and hardening the home.

The next step was to do an assessment of specific risks we needed to address for our situation.  Then, create an action plan and implement it.

There was one more important step above and beyond the minimum we could take to protect our family and our most important asset, our home.  We could use a long-term fire retardant around our property.  After watching a video of a major insurance company spraying the homes of their Premier Clients with Phos-Chek colorless long-term fire retardant, we decided to research the product.  We discovered Phos-Chek is the same material used by the USDA Forest Service to fight wildfires for over 50 years. According to the manufacturer, over one billion gallons of the material has been used worldwide. If it was effective enough for government agencies and the insurance company, it was something worth using.

We didn’t stop there. We asked ourselves why more people didn’t know about this product and how we can provide the knowledge and product to people who are at risk of wildfire. Thus, began the mission of Alpha One Protection LLC.

We proudly support:

Wildland Firefighter Foundation

CaliforniaFire Foundation

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